Please join us on our journey!

We are Gary and Chris Rivett.  We have had a goal to travel full time when we retire almost the entire time we have been married.  We are best friends and like to travel experiencing all that the United States and Canada has to offer.  Along with our furkids Zeke and Annie (German Shepherd and Yorkie, yes we like opposite ends of the spectrum!), we have traveled to Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan and numerous locations in Ohio, and we still have few more years until retirement! 

Follow us along as we experience the life of traveling in our fifth wheel RV.  We plan on sharing what we learn along the way, share the places we stay, the locations we find and the people we meet! 

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Gary Rivett
Gary Rivett sittig next to George Washington in Jamestown, VA

Thanks for joining us!  I've always wanted to see the USA and can not wait to expand our travels once we retire !  My hobbies include open fire cooking, Revolutionary reenactment,  hiking and any type of history!  I am very mechanical and innovative, so my contribution will be in the "Tips and Tricks" area of our website.  Please visit us often to see my ideas on improving your travels in an RV, some open campfire recipes and share in some of my reenactments!

Zeke driving 2012 Dodge Ram

Hi - I'm Zeke and I LOVE to go camping!  I am even happy camping while in the driveway!  Mom and Dad have been taking me on the road with them since I was 3 months old.  I love to go hiking and play ball wherever we go - but my main job is to keep Mom and Dad safe!  I love my work!  Hope you will come along with us on our travels!

Our Rig!
Dodge Ram 1500 2012 and Cougar Fifth Wheel 28sgs - our rig

We currently travel in a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Tradesman and a 2017 Cougar X-Lite 28SGS Fifth Wheel.  This fits our needs perfectly.  Eventually, when starting to travel full time we will probably upgrade to a bigger truck and a just slightly larger fifth wheel!

Chris Rivett
Chris Rivett sitting with German Shepherd Zeke in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Most people think I'm being dragged along on this adventure - but in realty, I'd have started our adventure years earlier if it had been possible!  I am more the "organizer" of our trips, I am big picture, while my husband is the detail person.  So I will be sharing where we went, where we stayed and how we manage while living in our fifth wheel, including the challenge of traveling with two dogs! 

Annie Rivett enjoyin the sunshine

My name is Annie and I'm the senior traveler in the group at 15 (that is in human years, bit older than that in furkid years!).  Although I am slowing down a bit and like to nap - I still enjoy traveling and just happy to sit on Mom's lap or have her carry me along on their travels!  I also try to keep my big brother Zeke in line, but that's a tough job!

Sadly, Annie crossed the rainbow bridge this past January 2018.  She was just shy of turning 15.  She truly was "Everyone loves Annie."

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