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Links and Other Helpful Information!

On this page are links to products we use and recommend and other websites were you may find great RV/Travel information!  In addition, documents with helpful lists (like which National Campgrounds allow larger rigs?  Let us know if there are other things you need help finding!  Click the image next to the description to be taken to these websites!

Big Foot Outrigger Pads are in our opinion a must have for all rigs, especially if you plan on sitting in the same spot for an extended period of time and/or a softer unstable site.  We ordered these within a week of picking up our fifth wheel.  Look for a YouTube Video coming soon regarding this product!  In the meantime, just click the logo to go to their website!

Lippert Solid Step - best upgrade we made, the best of all RV steps!  It is solid, just like the name says, stabilizes your rig when anyone walks in or out and is a more natural way of entering your home away from home!   We ordered these steps the same day we ordered our Bigfoot pads, but because they have become so popular, we are still waiting for delivery!  We will have a YouTube video on the installation and use of the Solid Step as soon as they arrive!

Long Long Honeymoon was the first Channel we stumbled across on YouTube.  we were searching for "RV Travelers to Alaska" and a couple of their videos popped up.  We really enjoyed their videos and got a lot of information on traveling to Alaska from them.  

Check out their website and their Youtube Channel - you will be entertained and probably learn a few things, especially if you like Airstreams, which is their trailer of choice.  

Hughes Autoformers - Don't leave home without it!   You want to protect your Camper.   Plus  you want to protect what is inside your camper, TV, Radio, Computers, Microwave, Fridge and Hot Water Heater (if they are running on electric) and your AC.  But, when you plug into some of the electrical outlets in the RV parks, you never know if they are updated or not.   Even if you get lucky and the electric system in the park you are staying at is a wonderfully new system - once everyone else gets there, plugs in and the temperature raises to the point everyone needs their AC, and then turns on the TV, plus their fridge is on and they turn the hot water tank to take showers, you no longer may have enough volts to run what you have efficiently.  This is where the Hughes helps.  It monitors the voltage coming into your rig and boost it when needed.  But that is not all it does.  If the electric is out in the park and all of a sudden it comes back on - it will protect it from a voltage surge.   They are not inexpensive, but they are much less expensive than a new rig and all the items you are running in your rig!

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