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RV Campsites

Looking for a place to stay a day, a week or a month?

Our travels have taken us to the following campsites/campgrounds and we will share our experiences with you!

The majority of the time we enjoy camping at state campgrounds, national parks or national forest, BLM land or even Army Core of Engineer campgrounds.  However, once in a while we will camp at a private campground, KOA's are popular with us in that instance.    It really depends on the reason for our visit to a certain area.  Are we there to relax for a week and explore the area a few times, or are we there primarily to visit the attractions in the area.  

As an example, we love the area of Williamsburg, VA.  When we travel to the area we are there to experience Williamsburg, York Town and Jamestown.  We also like to see the plantation homes that are in the area.  When we visit this area we stay at the Williamsburg KOA.  This campground is always clean, well laid out and has the amenities enjoyed by many, including a pool.   However, we normally ask for a site on the outside ring of the campground in the newer section so we have a bit of privacy and can enjoy our dinner on the picnic table provided.   

On the other hand when we are looking to enjoy a long weekend of simply enjoying the campsite, we head to one of our favorite state park campgrounds, Punderson State Park, Beaver Creek State Park or Nimisila Reservation Campground run by Summit County Metroparks.  They provide the quiet and privacy we enjoy while cooking over a campfire, reading or relaxing in a hammock.  

Take a look at the pages below by clicking the map for more information and detail on some of the campgrounds we have visited and don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel for more visual detail on these campgrounds and other information!  


Caesar Creek State Park


Mohican State Park


Beaver Creek State Park

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