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Living in the RV

How do I get everything I needed in my bricks and sticks into a space as big as my former living room?  How do we make it more comfortable?  More like home?  There are ways!  Take a look at how we are doing it!

* The "Right Now Price" is current as of the time I provided this information - the price is subject to change at any time.

Jensen 32" 12 volt tv

Twelve volt items will be your best friend.  Did you know that if you are traveling down the road and stop for a rest you can not watch TV in your RV unless it is a 12 volt, hooked up to 12 volt?  Many people don't - and I see that question all the time.  On rainy days our 12 volt tv has really helped pass the time!  We recommend the Jensen as it is made for those bumps you will be traveling over, making your rig feel like it is sitting through an earthquake!

*Right now price is: 


Jensen 32" 12 Volt TV

Sterilite Black Stacker Totes

Sterilite Black Stacker Totes

Hose, tape, tools, outdoor cooking, extra clothes - all the items to store in the basement of your rig - This is what we use to keep them clean and dry.  We found these at the Container Store, all different sizes and come in some different accent colors.  The stack together to make the most of the basement storage space.

*Right now the prices range:

$5.99 - $13.99

Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

There are a number of ways to take advantage of the storage this ottoman provides, great place to hide your spouses and your shoes, throw blankets keep falling off the couch?  Storage of bedding for guests, or great place to store magazines or games.  The extra benefit is that it provides additional seating and a place to put your feet up after a long hike!

*Right now price is: 


Sterilite 5 drawer wide towe, black

What do you do when you have a closet but no drawers?  Find some to put in part of the closet!  I found these at Walmart - they fit perfectly in one of my sections of closet and provided great storage for me and my husband.

*Right now price is: 


Sterilite 5 Drawer Wide Tower, Black

B&R Plastics 153-6BK E-Z Foldz Black 15" Neat Seat Step Stool/Seat

I don't know about you - but the cabinets in my RV are pretty tall - and deep!  Which is a good thing, until you try to get the one thing in the back corner of the top shelf!  Well, if you are 5' like me!  I bought this step stool.  It folds flat for easy storage under the sink and sets up in a flash.  

*Right now price is: 


B & R Plastics 152-6BK E-Z Foldz Black 15" 'Neat Seat' Step Stool/Seat

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