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RV Travels

On this page we will provide some of our favorite places we have visited and the links to their websites so you can plan your own visits!

Williamsburg Virginia
Hale Farm and Villge
Colonial Williamsburg
Williamsburg, VA

Colonial Williamsburg is one of our favorite destinations.  I think we have been three three, if not four different times.  And it is not just Colonial Williamsburg, but the entire area we recommend.  Yorktown and Jamestown are also worth the drive and visit.  The best part of this "Triangle" as it is referred to is that there is a parkway that connects all three called The Colonial Parkway.  I strongly recommend setting aside a week for this area.  Besides the "Triangle" there are a number of great plantations to visit, antique stores to browse and some pretty wonderful food.    Click the button above to be taken to a website we recommend for more information on visiting the area.

Hale Farm and Village
Bath, Ohio

You can probably already tell, we like history!  Hale Farm and Village is in our own backyard, so we don't have to travel far to get there!  It is a small historical village, with a great visitors center just steps from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  There are a number of events at this location, from one of the best Civil War Reenactments to "Music in the Vally" to the Lantern Tours at Christmas time. The Maple Sugar Festival and Thanksgiving Dinner with Abe Lincoln.  There are a number of craftsman in the village making pottery, brooms, glass and textiles. Don't forget to stop at the visitors center and pick up one of these hand made gems at the gift shop.  I've linked the website in the button above for more information.

Gettysburg National Park, Gettysburg, PA, Civil War Cannon
Gettysburg National Park
Gettysburg, PA

If you have never been to Gettysburg, you are in for a surprise!  When we traveled to the Gettysburg area we thought - oh, we will spend half a day in Gettysburg, and then see all the other attractions in the area (Pennyslvania Amish Country, Hershey, Pa etc.).  WRONG!  We were on a five day long weekend - two days of travel and three days of exploring.  We never made it to any other attractions.


First there is the visitors center - that is at the least a 1/2 day visit.  Take your time - watch the short films, look at the battered uniforms - you will never experience anything like it again (Well, maybe the new Revolutionary War in Philadelphia, but we haven't been there yet, so I'll have to let you know.)


The battlefield - well, let me recommend what we did.  You can go out to the battlefield on your own - and see everything - but not understand or get the full story - or you can go on a bus tour.  That is much better, but still, you are going to miss some very interesting information.  We hired a three hour personal tour.  The interpreter drove our vehicle and took us on an in depth, very interesting tour of the battlefield and surrounding area.  That was probably the best $90 we spent.  We figured we drove 7 hours to see Gettysburg - we need to SEE Gettysburg!  

Finally, the town of Gettysburg - it is quaint and friendly and BUSY!  Well, if you go in July, like we did, it is packed, but don't miss it!

I also highly recommend attending one of the reenactments if possible and you can find one when you visit Gettysburg - they really help you understand what that battle was like.

Dayton Air Force Museum
Dayton, OH

We had no idea how interesting and huge this museum was!  The museum covers air flight from World War I all the way through the Vietnam War.  Since it is a museum of the Air Force, the focus is on war planes.  

There are four hangers full of planes and related items.  Each hanger is dedicated to one or two different time eras.  


The first is World War I and II.  The second is Korea and Vietnam and the third is the Cold War era.  The fourth and final hanger has research and development along with four presidential planes.  


In addition to the "Hanger" exhibits, you will also find a missile gallery, outdoor memorial gardens, two areas to grab a snack our light meal, museum store, theater to view their introductory film and the air park.  Many visitors were enjoying one of the flight simulators or a walk through of one of many planes available to experience the inside. 

We both enjoyed the entire museum and even thought we were there for about five hours, did not come close to seeing everything.  We were also tired by the time we reached the last hanger and I feel we rushed through that a bit.  It is hard to identify a favorite, but I would pick two exhibits.  The Memphis Belle and the four presidential planes.  

I would recommend visiting this museum more than one time.  If I had to do it over again I would have split the museum into two areas and visit each area on different days.  

One of the most shocking facts about this museum, it is totally free, free admission and free parking.  Now, obviously you must pay for and food you eat and the simulators have a charge.  But that is the only items I saw a charge for.  Oh -yes, they provide a photo in front of a green screen for a price and anything in the museum store has a charge.  However, all the "charged" items are reasonable in my opinion.  We purchased the movie "The Memphis Belle" and it was in line with any store.    Definitely put this on your bucket list, especially if you like planes and history, but even if you are not a fan of planes or history, you will enjoy this museum!


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