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And so it begins...............................

Rivett's RV Adventures. Gary and I have been thinking of ways to share one of the favorite parts of our lives, traveling in our RV! Recently we have become addicted to a number of YouTube channels. You probably have heard or even seen many of these:

  1. The Motorhome Experiment -

  2. Long Long Honeymoon -

  3. Gone with the Wynns -

  4. Spot the Scotts -

We thought, what a wonderful way to both share our travels and information we might have that others haven't had time to share! And so it begins................................

Rivett's RV Adventures is made up of two humans and two furkids! My name is Chris, my husband is Gary and we have been married for just a bit over 17 years. We have two furkids, Annie a 15 year old yorkie and Zeke, our 19 month old German Shepherd! Oh, we also have two kids, Jeremy and Tiffany! I don't really forget about them, but since they don't live with us anymore I tend to leave them out of the conversation!

Gary and I have always loved traveling, but we haven't traveled in a fifth wheel until recently, like July 25th! We started out much like everyone else that travels, staying in a hotel! We did that on our first couple trips, to Washington DC, Deerfield Village in Detroit and on our Honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico! That really is about it, oh, except for our trip to Historic Philadelphia for Gary's 60th birthday! It was a bit too cold in December and not easy to find a campsite in historic Philadelphia!

Since then we have had three different campers. I'll provide a bit more history on what we have purchased and why we changed in another blog!

Currently we have a Keystone Cougar 28SGS Fifth Wheel and love it! The plan is to keep this rig through our first trip to Alaska after retiring in a few years. When we return to the lower 48, we will purchase just a bit larger fifth wheel, one with a walk around bed and a bit more storage.

During the next few years we plan on bringing anyone along who wants to join us, of course our friends and family, but we are hoping to make a few new friends along the way, specifically other rv'ers, but anyone is welcome to join! We want to share our experiences and knowledge with everyone. We learn so much from other rv'ers and want to do the same!

I will be sharing more personal type information in this blog, and more technical type of information on our website. Our YouTube Channel and Facebook page will be a mix of the personal and technical info!

Thanks for starting out with us! Gary and Chris Rivett

And Zeke too!

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